• Are you looking for a safe and effective natural method to heal chronic pain and illness?

  • Are you searching for the best form of mind and body exercise to maintain superior health and fitness for life?

  • Would you like to feel more calm, relaxed, and focused, but don’t know where to begin?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we have the solution for you!

Taichi: The Ultimate Martial Art for Health & Healing

Taichi offers a long list of benefits for health and healing of your body, mind, and spirit. Below are a few of the major benefits you will get from our Discover CHEN TAICHI ONLINE courses:

  • Dramatically improve your health - body, mind, and spirit

  • Heal and prevent difficult diseases and chronic pain

  • Reverse the symptoms of the "normal" process of aging

  • Strengthen your ability to focus your mind and fully relax your body

  • Become more strong, flexible, and energetic with each passing year

  • Cultivate a level of inner calm and peace that is unshakeable

  • Restore your full natural range of motion of all your joints

  • Heal and prevent back pain and restore full spinal mobility

Introducing Discover CHEN TAICHI ONLINE

Bringing you the ultimate taichi learning experience

Discover CHEN TAICHI ONLINE offers you the most comprehensive and well planned courses to learn taichi online. 

Our courses are designed so that you learn smoothly and efficiently, with perfectly clear audio, video, and text presentations, and a super easy to follow step by step learning format.

Each of your lessons includes:

  1. A video presentation clearly demonstrating and explaining how to execute one specific taichi basic exercise, movement, or posture
  2. A PDF file with step by step instructions and photos to reinforce the video presentation
  3. A thought provoking article to enhance your taichi learning experience
  4. A quiz to help you assess your progress and recall the course content
  5. A discussion section that allows you to interact with other students learning the same course material


From Beginner to Mastery in 3 Steps

"Taichi elevates the human spirit beyond anything you can imagine.

The self discipline, self confidence, and self control you gain from our TAICHI BASICS course will benefit you in an infinite number of ways your whole lifetime. 

This course positively transforms your health and well being from the very first lesson."

Dr. Bacher

Step 1: Taichi Basics

65 Lessons

The purpose of TAICHI BASICS is to make your body strong and healthy, to establish a solid foundation with the taichi basic exercises, and to prepare you for your next step which is learning the taichi solo form.

Step 2: Taichi Form

20 Lessons

This course emphasizes the careful memorization of the traditional Chen style solo routine, Laojia Yilu (Old Frame First Routine), in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Xi'an. This 75 posture routine forms the basis for Chen style taichi and is the source of all modern taichi styles (Yang, Wu...)

Step 3: Wuji Standing Method

"The most important exercise you will ever learn!"

WUJI STANDING METHOD can be traced back to ancient times as a form of core training for martial arts. This simple standing practice unleashes the power of your mind to heal chronic pain and illness, dramatically improve your health & energy levels, reverse the effects of aging, and cultivate inner calm & stillness.


Taichi Basics 3 most valuable exercises

1. The Hip Rotation is the most important of the Daily Dozen Loosening Up series. Taking 2 minutes a day to perform this one simple exercise will keep your hip joints freely moveable, which will have a major effect on the health and strength of your lower back and knees. It will also prevent you from one day needing a hip replacement surgery, as it keeps the hip joint space free and open.

2. The Lower Body Silk Reeling forms the foundation for all taichi movements. It teaches you how to coordinate your lower body and makes it very powerful and flexible. From that you will be able to add the upper body movements much more easily. When you understand and can perform the Lower body Silk Reeling it will help immensely when you start learning the solo form.

3. How to Stretch Your Back is taichi's method to gain and maintain youthful flexibility of your entire spine, and also realigns spinal vertebrae that may be slightly out of position, causing back pain from nerve impingement. The BEST EXERCISE for your back!


What people are saying about Discover CHEN TAICHI ONLINE

"Dr. Bacher has a profound knowledge of taichi and health. His clear detailed teaching, dedication to the art, and healthy lifestyle get students really enthusiastic to learn taichi."

Dr. Ernst Papperger, Physician for Psychosomatic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rosenheim, Germany

"Dr Bacher has knowledge and skill rarely seen outside of China. He is the most passionate and dedicated practitioner and teacher of taichi I have ever met."

Joe Mahoney   Sunrise, FL

"No one outside of China has the experience and knowledge like Dr. Bacher. His mastery of the art in practice and teaching is the result of many years of extensive study and daily practice."

Rey Serna, Professional Photographer, Seattle WA

"The taichi skills I learned from Dr. Bacher have helped tremendously with mind to body muscle connection, intensity, focus, and competitions."

Jason Aguila, Personal Trainer & Professional Bodybuilder, Miami FL

"I had chronic back pain for many years. Dr. Bacher helped me tremendously with correcting improper structural alignments that I thought were normal. I am eternally grateful to him."

Sheena Russell, Retired Hairdresser, New Brunswick, Canada

About Dr. Bacher

Founder of Discover CHEN TAICHI ONLINE


Dr. Bacher has been practicing martial arts, meditation, and natural healing methods daily since 1969. This includes 25 years of karate and yoga.

After studying the 3 major taichi styles intensively for 30 years (Chen, Yang, and Wu), Dr. Bacher traveled to Chenjiagou (Chen Family Village), China, the historical birthplace of taichi, for advanced training under the strict guidance of 19th generation lineage Grandmaster Wang Xi'an.  

After years of rigorous daily training (up to 8 hours per day), Grandmaster Wang authorized Dr. Bacher to teach, with express instructions to share his Chen style taichi system in the west.

Dr. Bacher is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, with more than 30 years clinical experience.  He specialized in natural self healing methods, utilizing taichi, meditation, and plant based nutrition to help his patients and students heal their chronic sickness and pain. His results were so significant that he retired as a doctor and now he teaches taichi full time.

Dr. Bacher teaches internationally, offering workshops and retreats in the original Chen style taichi. He combines his taichi skills and knowledge with his clinical experience to offer a unique teaching method that focuses on cultivating vibrant health, self healing, and self defense.

Dr. Bacher offers week long private taichi trainings in Costa Rica year round.

You can contact Dr. Bacher for information on his teaching schedule and Costa Rica training program via email at:  discoverchentaichi@icloud.com.


Dr. Bacher answers your most frequently asked questions about learning taichi.

  • What is taichi?

    Taichi is a martial art based on ancient Chinese culture, medicine, and philosophy. Taichi was created by General Chen Wangting (1600-1680) of Chenjiagou (Chen Family Village), China. General Chen combined his family's martial art heritage with his knowledge of traditional medicine and classical philosophy to create taichi, a martial art based on the balance of complementary forces (known as Yin Yang). Taichi is unique in its principles and training methods. The Chen family members became famous for their fighting prowess. But more importantly, taichi has become renowned worldwide for its ability to heal serious diseases and chronic pain. Today millions of people all over the world enjoy practicing taichi and are rewarded with robust health, reduced stress levels, and reversing the so called "normal" aging process.

  • What are the benefits I will get from taichi?

    Taichi offers many wonderful benefits for health and fitness, healing chronic pain and illness, reversing the effects of aging, and relieving stress. You will also develop powerful concentration and self discipline, and an attitude of never giving up when you take on any project in your life. The real benefits you will notice in advanced years, when it seems everyone around you is sick and in pain and taking a handful of pills daily - not so when you make taichi a part of your daily life!

  • How long will it take me to learn taichi?

    This depends on the level of skill you are seeking. To get a fundamental understanding to practice the basic movements, 4-6 months is sufficient. To develop your taichi to your potential, this is a lifetime study.

  • What is the difference between taichi and qigong?

    Again depending on your resources, these definitions vary greatly. Basically, Qigong translates to "vital energy cultivation", meaning exercises that combine movement, breathing, and mental intent to affect your Qi circulation. Taichi also develops Qi circulation, so in a way we can say it is a form of Qigong. I think where people form questions is when they OBSERVE people practicing these two arts. On the outside, they may appear quite different, but their purpose in cultivating healthy QI circulation is the same.

  • Can I learn taichi from an online course?

    I believe you can achieve a basic level of skill using an online course. At some point, it is always recommended to seek the guidance of a great teacher in a live workshop or class. Since taichi is an art, there are many points that need to be addressed, and therefore the attention of a live teacher is invaluable.

  • How often should I practice taichi?

    Taichi should be practiced every day! There is an old Chinese saying: "One days effort produces one day's results."

  • Is taichi a form of meditation?

    Some would say that taichi is like a moving meditation. When engaged in practice, the mind is very focused and the body is very relaxed and calm. This is approaching a state of stillness, hence in the direction of meditation.

  • What is "Qi"?

    Qi is the term ancient Chinese medicine uses to denote the vital force or energy. It is the force that makes us alive and affects every aspect of our being. In the practice of taichi we focus on developing the natural circulation of our Qi for both health and self defense.

  • Can taichi be used for self defense?

    The original intention of taichi as created by the Chen family was as a martial art to defend their village. Today most people practice taichi for building health and put aside the self defense part. But taichi can surely be used for self defense when you practice this aspect in your training program.

  • What is the best age to begin doing taichi?

    Taichi can be learned at any age and all who practice it will receive wonderful benefits, regardless of their age.


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